Skills for Walking

Autumn and winter are great times to develop your navigation skills.

Ingleborough summit in cloud even on an otherwise clear day

The coming months are a great time to develop and practice your map and compass skills. The daylight hours are getting shorter and the visibility is likely to be worse at times. Walking in the autumn and winter can also be brilliant with crisp weather and clearer views. The plus side is there are plenty of great pubs and cafes to return to after your walk with good food, drink and roaring fires.

Learning how to navigate using a map and compass and/or GPS is the key to enjoying the Dales and other great walking areas. Nearly every week some people tackling the Three Peaks will end up in Clapham having come off Ingleborough on the wrong path. Even on a clear day the summit plateau can be in cloud but if you do not know which direction you should be going in then it is possible to make this inconvenient and sometimes costly mistake. A taxi to your car at Horton is not cheap!  People also tackle the walk without a map or compass so its not suprising when they take a wrong turn. Even if you are only going on a short walk basic map and compass skills can add so much to your enjoyment. You can be more relaxed knowing that you can identify where you are and where you want to go.

A basic level of navigation can be learned quite quickly enabling you to go away with enough knowledge to get you started and for you to then practice and build on those skills. You may feel you have some skills already and if so we can help you develop these and learn more.

We run several different courses for people at different levels. The courses are run at an relaxed pace so you have time to enjoy the views and company. You are never too old to learn how to navigate and we have worked with fit people into their 70s who are still taking full advantage of the outdoors.

Getting Started with Navigation Days Never used a map before – then this is the day for you These days are designed for people who want to learn the basics of navigation.

Developing Your Compass Skills Days Understand how to use a map and the basics of navigation but never really used a compass before – then this is the day for you. These days are for people who have used a map to navigate and now want to gain skills in using a compass.

Walking with a GPS Days Do you have a GPS which you have not really used much? Do you have a phobia about manuals? Do you want to know if you would find a GPS useful? – Then this is the day for you. These days are designed for people who want to learn the basics of a GPS while on a walk. Instruction given at your own pace.

Safety on the Hills Days Happy about your navigation skills but need to gain some confidence around your knowledge of personal safety when out walking on the hills – then this day if for you. These days will be very practical and look at planning and preparation for going into more remote area and simple procedures for unforeseen incidents.

NNAS Bronze, Silver or Gold Award courses. 2 day non-residential courses with are nationally accredited. These courses are run for people at the various levels who would like to follow a recognised course and receive an award and certificate.  The National Navigation Award Scheme is a progressive personal performance programme which develops navigation skills. Helping people to enjoy the outdoors safely and confidently.

More information and dates for all these events on our web site.

If you would rather not join a course with other people or you would like a course midweek then we are happy to put one on for you, or you and some friends between now and the end of February. You might even prefer a women only course which would be no problem. Just get in touch with Pam if you want to discuss anything.