Update on clearing litter at God’s Bridge

So I went back to God’s Bridge a week after the cleaning up and it was still clear which was a very pleasant surprise. While I was there I thought I would go through the gate and let my dog have a drink in the beck. A group of young people came along with a leader and he suggested they had a quick stop there so I walked up towards Browgill Cave instead.

When I got near the cave I saw some cows with their calves and after the incident the day before that CRO was involved in I backtracked to avoid them and I knew the group at God’s Bridge would not be there for long.

As soon as they left I went through the gate I was shocked, and it takes a lot to shock me, to see that some sort of foam had been used to “Graffiti” the grass with a graphic picture of  male genitals. I have a photo but did not want to get censored for bad taste!  I am not sure what it had been done with as my initial thought was that squirty cream you can buy. When I tried to get rid of it the substance was oily and I can only presume it was shaving foam or something similar. I had to wipe it off my shoe as it did not want to wash off very easily.

This is a new one on me. I guess they thought it was funny and it would eventually go away but that is not how it works, especially during a dry spell.

I was surprised the leader of the group did not check the site before leaving but the most puzzling thing is why would you be carrying shaving/shower cream around the Three Peaks with you?!! It takes all sorts.

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