A new era for Yorkshire Dales Guides

Hello Dear Friends & Fellow Adventurers,

It is with great excitement albeit nostalgia that the Yorkshire Dales Guides team both old and new announce the ending of one era and the beginning of anew.

After 27 years of excellence in guiding and instructing Dave and Pam in May 2018 hung up their wellies to enjoy their well deserved retirement. So who are the new management team?

We are Steph Dwyer – Managing Director, Mike Bottomley – Director and Paul Mackrill – Director

Between us we have over 90 years of experience in the outdoors in areas such as:


Exploratory Expedition Caving  


Rock Climbing

Open Water & Cave Diving

Sea Kayaking

Downhill & Cross-country Skiing

Open water swimming

Ultra-Endurance Fell Running

Yes, we’ve been privileged enough to be the first human beings to lay our footprints in the sand of some incredible places and we can help you get there too!

Steph doing what she loves, helping young people believe in their infinite potential 🙂

Together with the wealth of experience passed on by Dave and Pam, we hope to build upon and expand this fantastic business.

Professionally we have backgrounds ranging from Psychology, Chemistry, Project management, Geology & Geophysics to Nuclear Physics but we are best known for our leading roles in the multi-award winning film, the Ario Dream, about the exploratory expedition Steph & Mike currently run. Check out: www.ariocavesproject.com for the movie trailer, more info & pictures.

Our dedication and experience in the outdoors is evidenced by: 

Steph being 1st Lady and taking over 5 1/2 hours off the women’s record in this years Spine MRT Challenger race, a 190km ultra endurance race in winter across the Pennine Way. See her and Mike in Summit Fever’s fantastic film – Resilience, https://www.reelhouse.org/summitfevermedia/resilience

Mike being the first to both descend into the World’s deepest & biggest caves, not to mention all his cave exploration in the Yorkshire Dales & beyond, and

An 11 year old Mike exploring Gaping Gill with his Dad.

















Paul being the first ever to traverse the Swiss 4,000m high mountains and in partnership with our dear friend Tony Seddon, being the first to complete the world’s deepest cave diving through trip – over 1,200m beneath the mountains.

Paul, abseiling into a cave in Norway whilst on expedition

Yorkshire Dales Guides provide bespoke Guiding, Adventures & Life Changing Experiences above & below the mountains.

We cater for ALL levels of experienceconfidence and ability across a wide range of activities and desired outcomes such as Rock Climbing, Caving and Potholing, Walking and Hiking, Fellrunning, Team Building, and we work in partnership with local experts to also provide Biking, Mountain Biking, Watersports and Running Coaching. We also teach caving (SRT) and rock climbing ropework, and mountain navigation through the National Navigation Award Scheme.

We are specialists in harnessing the outdoors, psychological research and challenge events to facilitate whatever your schools/business/groups desired outcomes are, be them team cohesion, stress reduction or creativity. We do so by marrying our background in psychology, the outdoors and exploratory expeditions to offer you a springboard for growth tailored to you and your needs.




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