Caving for Groups

Filming with Lakes TV

Dave YDG, John & Simon Lakes TV and Kevin from YDG. Pam of YDG took the pictures

 Last Tuesday we spent  a few hours going on a caving trip down Valley Entrance and into Kingsdale Master Cave with John McKeown of Lakes TV and their presenter Simon Rodger.  Due to the heavy rain the night before it was quite a wet and “sporting” trip but everyone had a good time and hopefully got some good footage. Watch this space for when the finished article is available. We can’t wait!

Simon Rodger talking to Dave Gallivan of YDG




Kevin making sure John McKeown is safe for his filming at the pitch head.
Simon coming out of the cave

Caving for Groups

Winter Caving Experience

Cave entrance on a winters day

Caving is one of the activities we offer that does not have to stop in the winter months.  Giant icicles hanging from the roof at the entrances and the fact that the cave environment is often warmer than it is outside give a new dimension to the experience.

We provide fleece undersuits, caving oversuits, wellies, helmets, belts and lights. All you need is some thick socks and perhaps a scarf and gloves for the walk to the cave entrance.  You would meet us at our barn for kitting up too before leading you up to the venue.  More information and booking